The way you think defines what you achieve

This phrase has defined my life because I have always noticed that those who succeed think differently than those who don’t. It has been a clear pattern I notice in those top in their profession too in that the way they think gets them to the top.

In the making of an expert I see a wonderful example of how experts are made not born and they way they use their minds is the biggest defining factor.

I’ve been blogging about success for a while now so I thought I’d pull some of these articles together into one article to build on the idea of an expert being someone who uses their mind better than some one else.

Richard St John has described 8 secrets of success. Each of which describes a mental approach.

Overcoming their fear

Successful people also seem to have less fear than others. I notice they just don’t let their fear define them. They also get confident in tight situations by practicising what can go wrong. They take each challenge or failure as a chance to correct a mistake. In time they are experts in fixing mistakes and have no fear of anything going wrong.

Constant learning

I also find a constant appetite for learning defines successful people. Sugata Mitra designed a fascinating project that shows we are all designed to learn. We just need to keep overcoming the obstacles in our life that hinder our learning.

Failure is a stepping stone

Silicon valley take this even further by seeing failure as a stepping stone to success.  The idea that impossible is nothing is important because you assume there is a way to achieve your dream. You just haven’t found it yet so You have to fail to move forward.

I’ve speculated that the way you think can help you live long and prosper. then I’ve found examples of people who are healthier than people half their age and found that the way they think seems to have helped them stay healthy.

The way you think defines what you achieve first appeared on my original blog. The Competitive Urge is my new focus for learning posts so I’m re posting relevant articles here.


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