How do you make money from a tennis site?

Money isn’t everything but it does pay the bills and helps you do more with what you have. I would like to make money from this site so I can try out some of the tools and resources I see on the market. It would also let me focus more on the site itself and improve the quality and quantity of what I do.

This is of course the eternal problem. The elephant in the room.


The common answer is advertising and always has been. Since that distant time before google 🙂 advertising was still king. Images of the early 20th century England show the extent to which advertising went by having huge adverts painted on the side of peoples homes. So as much as we think it’s new phenomenon advertising is the most normal thing in the world.

The tennis times asked Can You Run a Tennis News Site from Betting Advertising Alone? They are considering using betting options instead like the 888 bet in play feature.

I’ve heard that ad revenue has reduced for all blogs recently due to changes in the way Google rewards clicks. The advertising market just seems to have moved on. No real surprise just important that now is the time to consider other options.

The future

This is an on going question. I’ve said a little about advertising but there are plenty of other options including affiliate marketing, ebooks and apps. Each I am considering but I want them to add to the site. That will take research and experimentation. If you have any advice or experience or an opinion on what you really don’t like then please join in the conversation and let me know via a comment, twitter, Facebook or email.

Thanks for reading.

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