What can snooker tell us about obesity? Yes, it might actually have health benefits part three

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Ronnie O’Sullivan is an amazing player just with his right hand but his ability with his left hand gives him a real edge because it gives him much better reach. If you haven’t played snooker then it’s important to know that every so often the best shot to play is impossible to actually reach and play without using tools, called rests, you know it’s a sedate sport when even the tools have relaxing names :-), There are different kinds of rests. A few are particularly long and awkward to use. This makes the shot much tougher to play than if it were something the player could actually reach. 
Ronnie being left handed uses the rest much less because if he can’t play a shot right handed he often can play it left handed. This way he reduces the inherent risk of his shots gaining himself a huge advantage. 
This is the best example I can think of that flexibility in many senses is crucial to winning at the top level in Snooker and anything that gets in your way is a problem. So it really does help to be thin or at least not big to win in Snooker. 
I’m even surprised to be writing this myself. If I were a Darts fan I might then find something useful about Darts but in fact many of the top pros in Darts are larger. Their weight doesn’t get in their way. Is it because walking isn’t much part of the sport or because paunches don’t get in the way or some other reason? Who knows.
Snooker may in fact be a healthy sport and one that encourages good health. That in itself is surprising and worth understanding.
I expect you’re shocked and wondering just what I’m drinking right now. Please share your thoughts. 
I love snooker so I know enough about it to feel there is some value in what I’m saying but it is just an initial opinion. I do think that this tells us more about how to be fit and healthy than understanding Tennis because Snooker is much more accessible than Tennis for the average person. It is that accessibility that interests me most. 
Standing and walking are the biggest tools to a healthy life and Snooker requires a lot of both. Snooker halls don’t have arm chairs next to tables. Not the ones I’ve been to any way. In fact you basically stand or walk the whole time. That could be its biggest blessing!!!!

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