7 stages of every growing business

I’m listening to a fascinating presentation from Les McKeown called 7 stages of every growing business.

It’s a very funny taught but also a great reminder of the fun I had studying Management. It’s so similar to sport it’s hilarious. When you think of the team you need to achieve in sport and this is a big team you see the same requirements and process that Les describes.

I’m working through the various videos

  • Patterns
  • Starting out
  • Making sales
  • Saying yes
  • Systems
  • Structure
  • Team Building
  • Processes
and learning about 
  • Visionaries
  • Operators
  • Processors
It’s amazing how much of this talk I recognise. I’ve enjoyed working in different types of company precisely so I could learn these different stages. 
I also equate these stages of growth with other areas of developing or growing
  • athletes
  • software
  • products and services
Software simply automates what people already do so the people can do other things computers can’t already do. The scale a business can achieve also typical reflects the maturity of the software available. 
These are just a few thoughts that I have watching the presentations. Things I’ve been pondering for a while anyway. 

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