Getting an online presence by iamtheseoguy

This is an interesting video simply as an intro to getting a presence online. Part of my current kick on exploring what’s out there in business. The music in the background is just plain annoying. Essentially a no no. I find it hard to hear the guy because of it.

So I’m not taking his words verbatim because of it. Sounds silly but we all know that things like this matter. Particularly when some one is trying to project themselves as a master of something. A basic mistake like this is bad.

That said I like the ideas. I’m not thinking of buying his products yet. It’s too soon in my discovery process. Though I do like the essence of what he is saying. Not that you must be on all these social spaces. Spreading yourself too thin is a bad idea. Knowing how to be present on them all without breaking your back. Now that is worth knowing. Something I’m learning about.

Over time though each place you are present is a place for someone to like your stuff and a chance for business and a sale. I see it very much like a shop with doors and windows everywhere. Not just at the front. Kind of like in Monsters inc where the monsters can get to any person in the world through the right door. Each space you are present in is like these doors. The more you can access the more chances you have to help some one and do business.

At least that’s my view of successful business.

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