Relaxing under pressure: Accuracy

Building on my article Relaxing under pressure I can explain the benefit of my focus on accuracy.

I’ve been working through an online course on Tai Chi. It’s fantastic because it puts into simple words the concepts I am trying to bring to my game. At the moment it is about “finding neutral”. That means simply resetting my posture, stance and mindset to be calm, responsive and what I need to do a good job. So insted of rushing I’m am getting used to just getting back to a good stable base.

This can mean finding my second serve before I go for my big serve and other competitive aspects but really it’s just about being aware of what neutral is. How it feels and whether I know how to get there or not. I realised I need to embed in my mind and game the concept of an accurate knowledge of what feels right. Starting with static posture like preparing for a serve is easier than dynamic like handling the first volley while approaching the net. 
Little increments in this knowledge over time are already building up. 

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