Why does BP insist that you wait?

Why is it that some companies want to serve you quickly and others want to make you wait? I like getting petrol at Tesco because everything is designed for speed. It’s noticeable that even their payment machines are just faster than most.

So I needed petrol this morning and I popped into BP on the way to work. This particular one has recently been newly refurbished so it’s a chance to see the new direction this old company is taking. Or atleast that was what I was expecting since they took a few months to refit the place.

It’s on a busy junction so keeping it closed for so long implied major works were being done, so I expected change. Filling during rush hour brought BPs business strategy to light. IN terms of customers BP believes that

The longer they wait the more they pay.

We all know and understand this strategy and in some situations we don’t mind. It can be worth the wait for a good restaurant for example Petrol though, for me, is not one of those items. Getting in and out quickly is everything and I have no need to peruse.

Designed to queue

I started to notice that everything is designed to create queues not minimise them and so BP wants you to wait.
  • No pay at pump
  • short pump leads making it hard to ‘fill up on the wrong side when it’s busy
  • more parking spaces
  • A Marks and Spencer shop
  • Cash machine that doesn’t charge
So in terms of competition I can see their strategy. They’ve aligned themselves with lots of good partners with a top notch shop and cash machine. Though they’ve added plenty of downsides which will make me avoid them. I need to have the time to visit them because I’ll have to queue so I’ll still wait to use the other, faster options.
Whether it works for BP we’ll see. They’re clearly going for a different customer. I just wonder whether slowing things down will improve things. Would they actually make more money if they sped things up?

Stuck in the past

I can’t help but feel they are stuck in the past. Emphasising what they used to be good at when every petrol station was like theres. That day is gone, I’m already considering electric cars and counting the days until I no longer have to queue to fill up my car.
What use will I have for BP then? It’s an eternal question.

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