The purpose of The Competitive Urge is to share my journey through life while I explore my competitive urge. I keep noticing that life itself is a competition. In nature the competition is obvious. Humans have expertly channelled this competition but it is still there. You compete for a girlfriend or boyfriend, for a job and a house. Most things in fact involve competition. So getting what you want in life has a lot to do with your ability to compete.

With this in mind I focused my education on developing my understanding of competition and how to succeed in it. This led me to A levels in Physical Education (PE), Biology, Psychology and Sociology  and then a degree in Physical Education, Sport Science and Recreation Management from Loughborough University.

At the time I didn’t see a straightforward career path because I didn’t get to compete in sports when I was young. which is my biggest regret. I grew up in an academic and engineering family not a sporting one, so I competed through education and did well. It came naturally with my upbringing. I became addicted to sport on TV when I was young and later in life, with the help of my education I have started to pursue that through to competition.

I created this blog to help me compete better in all aspects of my life and share my journey so my kids and others can benefit. You see I used to shy away from the pressure, only in education and the related exams did I relish being tested. Elsewhere, particularly sport I was good but didn’t perform well under pressure.

My parents were uncomfortable competing too and it really held them back. They were talented but didn’t thrive on pressure. My aim is to ensure my children don’t suffer the same handicap. I plan to do this through leading by example. Embracing my competitive Urge and competing to showing them that you either win or you learn. That is the motto that all successful people seem to follow.

My first blog colchambers tracks my life. I never knew exactly what to do with my PE and sport science degree. Yet I use lessons from it on a daily basis. Now I realise that it is the very knowledge behind competing on a daily basis that I use. It has helped me thrive in careers I hadn’t prepared for and adjust to all life’s knocks. This journey is what I share. I am slowly figuring out it’s focus but it’s also just a place for me to play and share. It’s very much a place where I figure out where I want my life to go by putting it down in writing.

True enough two clear trends emerged that reflect my life obsessions. Much of the content on competitive urge started life on colchambers before I realised I had such a fascination with competition that I had enough to start this blog.

My other obsession is health which lead to my other blog cell your sole. I wanted to be a doctor but then I realised that medicine only deals with people who have lost their health. You don’t go to see a doctor when you’re healthy. Strange but true. My engineering tendencies were more interested in taking healthy people and making them stronger. Of course that’s what coaching is about so sport science became a natural fit. The thing is that while I’m trained to help people compete my interest in sports science and coaching has so much to do with health. My teens were about weight lifting and biking everywhere. The impact this had on my life, body and health fascinated me. It still does. This inspired me to work in a gym during my degree to get a grounding in the health and fitness arena. What I have learnt throughout my life is that moving, competing and expressing is so healthy that it’s necessary. It prepares you for life.

So the competitive urge is part of my family of blogs. Competing prepares you for life. Many know this but few seem to really explain why. That’s what this blog is about. Competing is required in nature and thus required by health that’s what cell your sole explores.  colchambers covers everything else vry much because my degree covered over 20 topics from economics to accounting to physiology and psychology to teaching games for understanding. I’m slowly learning what this blog is about.

On my journey I’ve met many who have taught me how to compete. Others I’ve watched from a distance like Stephen Hendry in snooker and Pete Sampras in tennis but I’ve still learnt so much.

My career has taken me into software development and project management. I see it as turning other peoples visions into reality. I am using what I have learnt to steer my career towards sport and competing. That has always been the end game. 

My idea of retirement is earning money doing something I love. Today I earn good money doing something interesting but coding is not quite my passion. Building tools to help me or others compete better. Now that is a dream I am turning into reality. 

I consider it debugging competition. 

Favourite Quotes

“Don’t be defined by your life, define your life”

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