Anyone heard of Pickleball

I literally just came across someone asking about a tennis like game called pickleball that they love. Mention tennis like game to me and I have to find out what it is. I found pickleball on facebook Imagine my excitement when I find an excellent introduction and video shared by Gale Leach

I love how fast paced this game is. What I see is an excellent way to practice tennis. The smaller sized court and racquets with a lighter ball seems to make the whole thing compact. I don’t see it as something I’ll play with my tennis buddies because we don’t have the courts and it means buying a new racquet.

Where I think it is perfect is for home in the garden. Introducing my toddler to a racquet sport. The racquets should be lighter. The space is more like what we have. The ball also sounds much lighter and less likely to cause damage or hurt. Basically it’s very much a cut down game with the same basic elements. I haven’t checked the full rules yet but I don’t really care.

Moving and having fun are what I want and this seems to do it. I’ve been nervous about my little on picking up a tennis racquet because they’re so heavy. ~Even light ones and they need a lot of space when you start swinging them. This seems much more manageable.

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