How do humans learn?

If like me you love to learn then you’ve probably asked yourself many times how you actually learn anything. What is the process involved and how can you use it to your advantage?

I’ve asked myself this question hundreds of times to the point that I decided to study it in school and university. Of course you never get to the end of any good topic. The basics of how we learn are well understood and a quick google will answer that for you. The more in depth aspects are still being explored and that is an area that fascinates me.

This post is therefore a journey. I love to hear what you have to say too because that’s the best way to learn. For now I’m going to start with a post I wrote several years back that is as true today as then.

How I think we learn: movements and other things

Finding this article again inspired me to collect together every thing I’ve learned so far. That is what I will do over the coming months. Currently I have a series on weight loss and migraine keeping me busy so this topic will be a slow burner.

The list of articles I have found so far is quite long but unorganised. Pulling it together is the first task before organising it better. It covers areas are wide ranging as theories on how we learn and more specific physiological evidence along with the infrastructure of education, the future and the past.

If you know more about how we learn then please add a comment. Let’s see how much we can discover together.

  1. Learning is innate. How the changing world can help education
  2. my review of ‘The Talent Code’ sheds new light in how the neural connections form
  3. How I think we learn: movements and other things
  4. Learning on demand (LOD) the rise of just in time learning
  5. A vision for 21st century learning learning isn’t changing, only the tools and infrastructure. So what could be achieved?
  6. Can amazing abilities be taught? Are extreme achievements are in the reach of the average human?
  7. Neural Darwinism: is this how we learn?
  8. Is the OU really behind part time learning?
  9. Gaming as a teaching tool
  10. An ideal education: My thoughts
  11. Self directed learning, a market with great potential
  12. Good study habits. What are they?
  13. We learn so much about things we’re interested in
  14. Creating a school that teaches through games
  15. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind
  16. In a world of abundance it’s our time that’s scarce
  17. Learning: What would Facebook do?
  18. Gamers expect intuitive introductions, not manuals presentation can be as important as content. 
  19. Video lessons to promote and teach an obvious idea that is now being used to teach
  20. The way you think defines what you achieve
  21. we are all designed to learn
  22. the making of an expert
  23. 8 secrets of success
  24. The idea that impossible is nothing is important because you assume there is a way to achieve your dream. You just haven’t found it yet.
  25. smash fear learn anything
  26. do our minds work like browser caches?
  27. Education should be about life challenges
  28. Why aren’t mentoring and leadership skills a fundamental part of daily learning?
  29. Teaching with video games?
  30. Why I love to teach everyone what I know
  31. Innovation in learning
  32. Basic movement patterns
  33. Where is lifelong learning?
  34. Teaching naked
  35. Shared knowledge and experience will make us free
  36. Nothing to hide The best teachers admit they are still learning
  37. Dyslexia: could optical illusions teach us about it?
  38. Learning and teaching is about humans first, technology second

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