MyTennisCam: a personal hawkeye!!! needs funding

Ok, I’m super excited by this product. I only hope it makes it to production.

I found out about MyTennisCam from a discussion on linkedin. It claims to give all tennis players

  • Statistics of the Game
  • Line Calling System
  • Fitness Information 
  • Personal Trainer.

OMG. That’s what I’ve been waiting for for a long long time. I assume you have too. So I had to share.

The info and technical spec look good but I haven’t seen a review or more details yet. It might not even make it past this development phase since it hasn’t officially launched yet.

They’re trying to raise cash on indiegogo to ensure the future of the project so if you want to see this come to light get on over then and help out. You can chip in a little £1-£20 making you a backer. Pay £319 or more and you actually get the product when it’s released.

Exciting. Now I’m looking forward to August 2014 when they plan to release.

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